At 73-years-old and having designed clothes for more than 45 years, Ralph Lauren is like the grandfather, the modern O.G. to the menswear community. It's no mistake that he's king of menswear. So, much like a grandfather does, Lauren parted some knowledge to British Esquire about clothes, style icons, and life.

Woody Allen has always been a stylish guy, and Lauren respects that. "Woody Allen always had his own style. He was always able to do his own thing. It’s very consistent with him. I always was inspired by Woody Allen." Lauren told the publication.

Also, do you think the designer actually plays polo? You might be surprised to hear different. "I’m not a polo player, that’s for sure. But I ride horses out west." Lauren said.

And is the Canadian tuxedo really a style faux-pas? Lauren solves this conundrum once and for all. "Double denim? I don’t have a problem with that." The designer said.

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[via British Esquire]