For better or worse, hip-hop culture is as much about image as it is the music. From street cred and ability to accurately portray an impoverished area, to stunting in custom designer gear and the newest sneakers, rappers and cultural participants have desired to outshine their peers. Glasses are no exception.

In its latest series of "The History of Eyewear in Hip-Hop," Vintage Frames Company tapped The Roots drummer Questlove to discuss what makes various forms of glasses so fresh to the hip-hop community.

"I think frames are the ultimate accesory." The drummer said.

But Quest also acknowledges the danger of walking around in flashy gear. "I definitely grew up in a time which any type of accessories means you were an instant, instant target where I grew up," the Drummer recalled.

Watch the video above to hear Questlove also trace the history of style in Philadelphia. If not for the history lesson, at least watch the video hear The Roots "The Seed," which is well worth the view in our opinion.

[via Vintage Frames Company]