As the old saying goes: Rules were made to be broken. The conventional norm never changes, unless someone or something comes along to challenge it. Courvoisier® has always followed a different path; it has always chosen to be the exception. It has not only defied the rules, it has transcended them, by redefining the way cognac should be both created and enjoyed.

The brand's innovation is clear in the originality of their most recent products. Breaking away from what "traditional" cognac is supposed to be, Courvoisier® recently introduced such innovations as: Courvoisier® Gold, a blend of signature cognac and Moscato wine; Courvoisier® Rosé, a blend of signature cognac and French red wine; and C by Courvoisier®, which goes through a unique double-barrel process to deliver a bold yet smooth taste. With something new always on the horizon, Courvoisier® is everything fine cognac should be. The one thing it is not, though, is predictable.

You’d be surprised what you can get away with when it’s done in good taste. To see how Courvoisier® is shaking things up, visit