While New Yorkers may be so used to branding and advertisements that they no longer realize how invasive it's become, photographer Natan Dvir recognizes their imposed dominance. For his project Coming Soon, he has created a series of images that show the relationship and interaction between pedestrians in New York City and the commercial billboards that define their streets. The giant images are no longer simple advertisements but go beyond their purpose as they become a backdrop and false setting for those passing by.

The photographer describes his series and vision, saying, "People inhabiting the space underneath are pulled, unaware, into a staged set, the reality of the street merging with the commercial fantasy of the advertisements. Coming Soon is an exploration of our visual relationship with the branded city centers and the commercial environment we live in."

Dvir's images are available for viewing in real life at the Anastasia Photo Gallery in New York through May 19.

[via PetaPixel]