Phoenix is one of those bands that everyone loves to love. You really can't hate their infectious pop music, even if the majority of the world was really late in realizing how excellent they are.

For Billboard's latest mag cover, Phoenix poses at the gallery of Chelsea galleries, David Zwirner, in front of Dan Flavin pieces. The cover story celebrates their ascent to becoming world-famous musicians and this year's Coachella headliners, while also noting that they were at the gallery to gather inspiration for their tour. It says,

One reason Phoenix is here at the Flavin exhibit is to gather ideas for its latest live show. The "Bankrupt!" tour will continue well into 2014, and the group now has the clout to ratchet up its new visual display...With his eyes scanning the squares, Mars remarks that these three Flavin works—all made from simple fluorescent lamps and created between 1966 and 1971—cannot shine forever. Eventually the bulbs will burn out, and that's it. "These pieces have a very short lifetime," Mars says, "which makes them even more precious."

According to GalleristNY, guitarist Laurent Brancowitz is very familiar with Flavin's work. Coincidentally, Zwirner used to be an A&R in Hamburg. The music and art worlds feel closer than ever, right?

[via GalleristNY]