Sweatpants are still v crucial to a skong and trendy brunch game. Some people dress up for brunch and make an event of the whole thing. Me? I admit that "brunch" is really just “I’m too hungover to wake up at normal breakfast time, so I’m gonna justify eating French toast at 2 pm and no one will say shit as long as I call it 'brunch'." Obviously, I play brunch like a hungover trapstar—sweats, a tee and all my jewelry from the night before. That’s what you wear to brunch. That and a healthy lung full of marijuana. Weed is only a performance enhancing drug when it comes to buffets and all you can eat/drink brunches. Brunch is expensive so you gotta make sure you get your money’s worth. Finally, one rule to live by: You have to sag your sweatpants at least a little bit or else you’ll look like a sex offender or your dad when you had to wake your parents up in the middle of the night because of a random emergency. You know what I’m talking about.