Undercover really brought out the crazy with this one—a ripstop nylon parka with taped seams and, oh yeah, an all over bug print. I was gonna make a joke about entomologists, but then I freaked out and was like wait, is it spelled entomology or etymology? FUCK, WHICH ONE IS THE STUDY OF INSECTS AND WHICH ONE IS THE STUDY OF THE HISTORY OF WORDS? I know I could just Wikipedia that shit and have a solid joke about how this would be a perfect parka for field work if you study things like the migratory habits of monarch butterflies because if you study shit like that you probably have half a billion dollars in student loan debt and a thirteen hundred dollar parka is just what you need to get that grant money poppin'. Instead, I just threw both words in there and made the joke anyways. Typing 162 words is obviously easier than Googling two.