He's mainly known for his party anthems and getting girls to tweet pictures of them twerking with the hashtag #ExpressYourself, but Diplo is gaining momentum as one stylish musician. He was known as the DJ who wore suits to his gigs, and while that's still his M.O., his style has been branching out along with his influence and popularity.

Diplo's Instagram mainly documents his insane globe-trotting and the wild partying he and his crew do with some of the world's best-looking women, but today he put up this fresh jacket. Nike customized the bomber to specifications that only befit Diplo. His love of dinosaurs, attending school in Florida, and developing his music in Philly are all referenced on the back of the jacket. Next time you're catching a Major Lazer show, keep an eye out to see if Diplo's rocking this one-of-a-kind piece.