If you were the King of Pop, you couldn't wear anything less than exquisitely bespoke clothes. And have them at a moments notice. Savile Row's Gieves & Hawkes is one of the best menswear brands, ever. So it's not really shocking if they were called upon to make Michael Jackson's military-inspired suit that he wore on his "Bad" tour in 1988.

Gieves & Hakwes Director of Military Tailoring Gary Carr recalls what it was like to work with Jackson. "We told him what extras he could add: he was very keen on having epaulets and other decorations. The ones he chose were pretty grand. There are laws about impersonating military officers, although there’s nothing specific on civilians wearing military clothing." Carr told British Esquire.

Jackson's thin frame made the suit so much easier to tailor. "I literally put the coat on him and cut away. He was famously thin. Incredibly so — tiny, with a 28in waist. In fact, that helped enormously with the fitting; you’d struggle to do a larger person in that time. It also suited his shape — it’s a very body-fitting coat." Carr recalls.

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[via British Esquire]