"Streetwear and street culture has many grandparents: Hip-hop. Punk. Graffiti. Skateboarding. et al. Each subculture was anti something. There was an angst. A misunderstanding. An oppression. An enemy. And the creative expression of that angst was their contribution to this world. It was their art.

Let's face it, street culture today has very little to be angry about. Kids create new clothing brands on the subway ride to work. Post it to their followers on lunch break. And by the time dinner rolls around, they've gone IPO. Fans sit in their mom's basements. One-Pay Click with free shipping on their Amazon Prime account gets them anything they want in the world. They anonymously talk shit on a comment board about stuff they hate with no repercussions then move on. Struggle is really non-existent. 

But struggle makes for a good story doesn't it? So nowadays, we just say 'FUCK IT,' 'FUCK THEM,' 'FUCK 'EM.' or, (in order to save on our 140 character limit,) we just say 'FUCK.' But what exactly are we 'fucking?' WHO are we flipping the bird to? A trend I hate? How about random acts of complaining

I understand our pedigree as a culture almost requires us to be anti something. Our forefathers made their living 'fighting the system,' 'fucking the police' and asking 'God to save the Queen.' So we feel inclined to do the same. But I have an idea. Let's either celebrate the incredible time we live in. OR, let's really find something to bitch about. Life is good. But it can't be THAT good. And if you can't find anything, the least you can do is go fuck yourself."