Brand Lifespan: 2007-2009
Key Pieces:
 Embroidered varsity jackets
Where to find now: 
Kanye's closet

Admit it; you want Kanye's first attempt at a fashion line to come back and it didn't even formally dropped! We've seen a lot of rappers give the ol' college try with their own fashion lines and it, to say the least, falls flat. But Pastelle was different. Not different in the sense that it doesn't exist anymore, but in the build-up based on the glimpses we got of the varsity jackets and hoodies. And of course, it was different in his treatment of it because he didn't want to release it unless he got it perfect which, in his mind, was not the case. So the four pieces he made never really saw the light of the retail store floor. Let's hope he gives it the ol' College Dropout try, again.