Hours: Mon-Sat 12-7p.m. Sun 12-7p.m.
Website: misterfreedom.com
Address: 7161 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Stepping into Mister Freedom feels like a trip back in time. Other than its in-house brand, which takes vintage-inspired to a whole new level, you won't find any "vintage-inspired" stuff in here. This is the real deal. Items can date as far back as the the 1850's, we're talking about not even in this century. That's why brands come here to get inspired, Hollywood comes in here to rent, and real enthusiasts with deep pockets come here to spend. People may complain about the prices, but these clothes are as close to museum-quality anyone can get. Proprietor Christophe Loiron hunts down hard to find items so you don't have to.