Mustaches are serious business. Maybe you thought leaving a little fuzz on your lip through November, and jokingly asking girls if they wanted, "mustache rides," was all fun-and-games. It's not. The American Mustache Institute and the Movember Foundation (both charitable organizations) are at odds. The AMI (the smaller of the two organizations) believes that Movember is not playing fair; the smaller organization (and non-profit) raised less than $100,000 last year, while Movember grossed over $132 million.

So, where's the beef? AMI feels that Movember has a responsibility to help spread the mustache cheer, especially to other charities. Movember failed to support AMI's "'Stache Act" that would give a $250 tax subsidy to each person with facial hair.

Aaron Perult, head of AMI, cut affiliation with Movember and posted on his organization's blog, "the organization's culture and manner in which it treats those that support it is often arrogant and rather shameful." Sounds like fightin' words.

Still, Adam Garone, CEO of Movember wished AMI the best of luck, "When you create a grass-roots movement of this scale, you're bound to get one person who takes exception to your opinions," Garone said, "I wish Aaron Perlut all the best and am sorry he feels he can no longer support us."

It's unfortunate to see something that is meant to support men's health (prostate cancer) turn into a war of words. Let's hope that everything can be resolved amicably.

[via WSJ]