Nowadays it seems that with every new #menswear site that lands on the interwebs, a new batch of "essentials" comes along with it. I think this stems from each site's desire to assert themselves as a credible source within the biz in an extremely basic, lowest common denominator way. I mean, let's be real, all you have to do with a list of this nature is rattle off some shit like "grey suit," "brown wingtips" and "grey hoodie" and you've basically nailed it. Meaning, there is an extraordinary amount of overlap with each new "essentials" offering and the phrase "opinions are like assholes" resonates particularly loudly. With each new blog offering its own twist on the list, the idea of what is truly essential becomes more muddled, ultimately resulting in a bunch of guys buying a bunch of completely unnecessary shit. We've got a problem with that because, as you know, we've made it our life's goal to cut through the proverbial #menswear fuckery and deliver you only the purest of truisms. So, we're blowing the whistle on the least essential of these "essentials" using a healthy dose of common fucking sense.

Jake Woolf is a writer living in New York City. You can read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.