Has your Tumblr been doing legit numbers lately? Your Instagram and Twitter feeds blowing up so much so that you had to turn off push notifications? Well, it’s about time you stopped fucking around and started making moves. You need to stop spending all your girlfriend’s hard earned sitting in an empty art gallery money and get yourself a cool guy job. What’s a cool guy job? YOU FUCKING LAME! ASKING THAT QUESTION IS LIKE SENDING UP A HERB FLARE. WE SEE THAT SHIT FROM, LIKE, SEVEN MILES AWAY, SON. LOL, I’m just playing. I’m not the guy that makes fun of you for not knowing what a vagina looks like. I’m the guy that tells you a vagina looks like those spitting dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. But don’t be scared baby boy, while landing a cool job can be tough, it’s no way as intimidating as vaginas are. Get your resume right and let's status up!