29. LEGO

Year Company Founded: 1932

Year Logo Introduced: 1934

Logo Designer: Undisclosed

Company Founder: Ole Kirk Christiansen

The 1932 logo was introduced simply as a logotype of "LEGO." In 1946, the company paid homage to its hometown of Billund, Denmark, which also employed a simple logotype. In 1936, LEGO added color to its logo, representing the company's name and looking almost like one of their boxed toys. In 1950, LEGO turned to a simpler logo, which integrated the company's name within a circle and featured "Billund Danmark" in an outer ring.

Three years later, in 1953, LEGO unveiled the white bubble lettered logo which has become iconic of the brand and remained in use by the company since 1953. In 1959, the word "System" was added below the brand name in yellow logotype, while "LEGO" recieved a bolder black outline to draw attention. In 1973, "System" was dropped and "LEGO" got a yellow border outside the black outline. The current LEGO logo has been in use since 1998, and is an image bringing happiness to millions of children worldwide.

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