Is there anything fun to do in Calgary? What do you guys think they do for fun up there? I'm going with not a whole lot, because these dudes from Hors de Combat were like, “Man, Calgary is kind of boring, let’s start a clothing company, eh?” And by golly they did it! With a strong emphasis on outerwear, which makes sense because Canada is more frigid than a 5th grade science teacher, Hors de Combat has made some impressive gear. The contrast sleeves, use of Melton wool, waterproof fabrics and contrast linings honestly make me think that Calgary might not be that bad of a place. Although, it’s probably just as shitty as Detroit, which, considering that's where I'm writing this from, is super shitty. Personally, I’m having my sugar momma buy me the parka. Which one are you gonna have your sugar momma buy you?