Kenzo has been revived, reborn, whatever you want to call it, since Humberto Leon and Carol Lim were named creative directors. Find out what the duo had to say about their work at the brand, why they were adamant about introducing sweatshirts (something Kenzo didn't offer previously), and more. Read a few excerpts below from their interview with WWD.

On rebranding Kenzo:

Humberto Leon: “When we came to the house, we really researched and went to the archives. But we said to ourselves, ‘It needs to feel modern.’ It’s a different landscape now. We are always striving to excite the current customer that discovered the Kenzo brand with [founder] Kenzo Takada — as well as excite a whole new generation that doesn’t even know what Kenzo is.”

On adding sweatshirts:

Carol Lim: “There was a lot of resistance [internally] because they said, ‘We don’t make sweatshirts, we don’t have that category in our system.’ And we said, ‘We’re going to make it, and you better make a category in the system because it’s going to happen. So we met with IT, and it was a two-hour meeting — I’m not joking — and they said, ‘Fine, we’ll open this category,’ and of course it’s something that’s been successful.”

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[via WWD]