Seriously, Mr. Porter is basically becoming my rich friend that I can convince to buy ANYTHING. And even when I’m not there to reinforce his negative behavior, he brings home crazy expensive shit regardless. Take for example, these floral Gucci horsey loafs (not made from horse meat). Gucci horsebit loafers are arleady the definition of old money and, to think, on top of that they went the extra mile and gauched it up with a floral print. I don’t even know who wears floral horsebit loafers. Like, what is that market? Who is the targeted demographic? Drug dealers attending their daughter’s wedding? Rappers making their first appearance on Ellen? I, for one, would wear these to Kmart to purchase those extremely gigantic bags of Doritos and massive amounts of RC Cola. Or to a weird party where everyone is totally on board with doing blow off of boobs and shooting guns into the air. But that's just me.