GANT Rugger's Team Americano has showed the blogger's influence on modern menswear, and how individuals can make their mark in the fashion world. With spring break in full-effect, the #menswear crew gave Esquire their must-haves for a week-long rage fest. 

"All I need are some expensive sneakers, my headphones, and some sad rap music." said Four Pins editor, Lawrence Schlossman

Sean Hotchkiss, J.Crew editor, gave practical advice for anyone who's unsure of what to take on a week trip. "One packing tip I try to follow is keeping things basic and neutral. Sweaters, tees, a blazer — I keep them all relatively pattern-free and easy to wear together, in darker hues. Buying a few great versatile pieces you really love to wear makes packing (and getting dressed in general) so much easier." Hotchkiss said.

Click here to read the rest of the story, and also find out the Team's favorite items from Gant Rugger's spring/summer 2013 collection.

[via Esquire]