RVLT is a company out of Denmark. This is an important factoid because I’m pretty sure Vikings came from Denmark, but I may have misheard the History Channel when I was busy grabbing some delicious tater tots out of the oven. Sometimes I’m too lazy to even DVR shit. Like, whatever, I’ll just miss it. That being said, RVLT was kind enough to send photos of their Spring 2013 gear all the way across the Internet to our humble inbox, which is notable because we get sent a lot of shit and we pretty much delete it all because fuck you we know everything already. Whoops, not so humble after all. But we like this shit! Peep the no-collar game on some of the jackets. SICK. Mandarin collars are straight taking over these days. For real though, shout out to Denmark and all those other countries we Americans kind of just lump together. Like, I know they’re in Europe (?) and near a notable body of water (?), but that’s about it. Also, shout out to the European sorta streetwear companies, like RVLT, coming correct with a very 'Preme kind of influence, which basically means they don’t just make T-shirts, one pair of jeans and one short sleeve plaid shirt like every other wack as fuck super serious streetwear brand. LOL at those bros.