I’m pretty sure I met Ally Capellino once, but I’m not sure. It could have easily been one of a million female hired guns that magically appear at these trade shows. I do know that whoever I met was a very charming English woman. Charming English women are the best, aren't they? I couldn’t move to England because I’d think every woman was either a billionaire heiress or, like, a ball-busting editor. OH YEAH, or Posh Spice. Whatever, their accents are fucking adorable! Right, right, bags. Ally Capellino, regardless if we have met or not, makes very nice bags—bags you could take to the office or on a fancy camping trip. I would get a bag like this, but my office is my living room. FREELANCE LIFE SOUNDS SO AWESOME, BUT YOU NEVER ACTUALLY END UP GOING TO THE CAFÉ WITH THE CUTE BARISTA BECAUSE THAT REQUIRES PUTTING PANTS ON AND FREELANCING IS BASICALLY SYNONYMOUS WITH WORKING IN YOUR UNDERWEAR.