There are, like, a million bloggers in the ocean. And those million bloggers started their blogs for a million reasons. When I first started my blog, Tucked, I did it as a segue into the fashion industry, transitioning out of a career that wasn't exactly "on brand" for me. I started the blog to give myself a voice, and to have an excuse to talk to other people interested in similar pursuits. And guess what? That shit actually worked. Fast-forward two years,  and Four Pins is talking about networking and explaining how to cheat your way into Fashion Week. The new reality becomes more like the wild west with each passing day.

Over that same time, my blog went from being about personal style and fashion to something entirely different as I professionally bounced from J. Crew to Saks Fifth Avenue to The Sartorialist, all along slanging my photography skills for online publications, brands and personal projects. And here we are, the re-birth of Tucked.

I like to think that Tucked is probably one of the last real blogs in menswear that isn't on Tumblr and doesn't concern itself with straight up fashion coverage. It's about my life, my photography and the overarching connectivity that brings the people in this microcosm together. That's why I gave Four Pins this exclusive set of photos, showcasing what this relaunch is all about—meeting people, making friends and participating in a shared experience. It's about being genuine and honest regardless of who's listening. Hopefully I'm not wrong in thinking you'd like to come along for the ride. Shit's about to get real.

Justin Bridges is a photographer living in NYC. See more of his work on his blog, Tucked, here. Follow him on Twitter here.