For better, or for worse, the Internet is a hive of style trends. And no better platform exploits trends than Tumblr, where images are replicated and reblogged ad infinitum. Your Tumblr Dashboard is an infinitely scrolling catalog of brands, poses, attitudes, and scenes that depict various ideals of style and design. Some of it is torturous. Some of it is aspirational. Some of it is just ridiculous. Who has time to keep up? Um, we do—because it's our job, kind of. Welcome to the half-serious, totally influential Tumblr Trend Watch.

This week we're highlighting those stylish people walking the runways or getting street styled whilst covering their faces. Is it a mask or scarf to protect them from the blistering New York winds? Could it just be a deterrent from the flashing cameras because they want to keep their anonymity? Or is it an accessory that no sane person would get caught wearing in public? Whatever it may be, gosh darnit, it's cool according to Tumblr! Check out Tumblr Trend Watch: Stylish People Covering Their Faces.<