Last year I decided to take a new approach to my Fashion Week photography. I opted to focus more on film than digital and tried to be more abstract about the actual clothing. This past F/W 2013 season marked my first on the road enduring the full tour—from Pitti to Milan to Paris to New York. It had to be different.

The one thing I noticed was how little the importance of artistry and skill mattered to the end result (i.e. a million street style slideshows). I'm relatively new to the game, but felt it more rewarding to skip the "dope" reactions that come with shots of menswear's "who's who," opting for a more cerebral experience. We all know how a specific shot can inspire us, but how do you turn a slideshow on a website into something more akin to a gallery exhibit? Or, at least, something that doesn't get consumed in under one minute?

Letting go of all the "tight" images and "fire shit," I'm hoping that by scrolling through these pictures that you'll have walked in my shoes and get the sense of connectivity, that is way deeper than a scarf-tie-shirt combo or the ripped hem of white pants above some dub monks, I've had the chance to experience these past 3 weeks. The type of connectivity that's so exciting that we keep coming back to it no matter how jaded we become.

Justin Bridges is a photographer living in NYC. See more of his work on his blog, Tucked, here. Follow him on Twitter here.