Steez biting. Swagger jacking. Whatever you want to call it, you have to admit that we all do it. It’s hard not to be influenced by the fourteen billion street style shots snapped every three hours. Even the Illuminati probably steal an idea or two. What’s that Jim Jarmusch quote about every idea being stolen or some shit? I can’t remember, just Google it—someone probably just posted it on Tumbr.

In fact, if steez biting didn’t exist, why the fuck do I see a safety pin on every goddamn lapel right now? Because that shit looks cool. It does. There’s no denying that. Just admit it, there’s nothing worse than a dick who won’t wear something because "it’s too popular right now." Yeah, like your brand new Nike collection isn’t already owned by seven billion other people. But you don’t care because they’re cool. WHY ELSE WOULD WE BUY MAGAZINES WRITTEN IN JAPANESE? FUCK KANJI, I’M TRYING TO LEARN ABOUT STYLE. We have "inspiration boards" for Christ's sake. Although really, you should probably stop calling it that because if you are inspired by that bullshit you need to go to a fucking museum.

We talk about style icons endlessly. It’s literally in every questionnaire ever emailed in the history of blogging. How many photos of the same grown man have you liked on Tumblr? If you had a child and they had collected that many photos of someone you would be terrified. Like, pretty soon Justin Bieber’s head is showing up in a box in the trunk of a Barbie Malibu dream car.

Here’s the thing, It’s okay to swagger jack. But, like any other kind of theft, you have to be subtle and crafty about it. If not, you’re just a lame copy cat herb. The difference? IT’S ALL ABOUT THE INTONATION AND CONTEXT CLUES. RESPECT THE FUCKING CONTEXT CLUES, BRO. With that being said, Four Pins is here to help you walk the fine line between sniping on the low low and shark chomping.