Design Credits: Duro Olewu

Duro Olewu has been in the fashion game since 2004 where he made his name in London with his vibrant color palatte and pattern on pattern pairings, no wonder America's premier fashionista, Michelle Obama, has donned several pieces from his exuberant collections.

In 2005 Duro was discovered by then-Vogue editor Sally Singer, and Julie Gilheart formerly of Barneys. Needless to say, if you could garner the attention of some of the most influential and discerning eyes in the fashion industry, which brought him into the American market where his designs were quickly coveted by women all over the U.S. During the same year, his peer's back across the pond named him "New Designer of The Year," at the Bristish Fashion Awards which solidified his place as as a designer. Duro, who now shows at New York Fashion week, keeps to his same aesthetic and seventies-tailoring, and remains a hot ticket show on the fashion calendar.