When: September 2012

It was the slap heard around the world, and arguably the biggest story of last year's New York Fashion Week. The next day, no one was scrambling to check the Zac Posen collection on Style.com, but instead were reading about how Jennifer Eymere of the French magazine Jalouse smacked publicist Lynn Tesoro after Eymere's mother lost a VIP seat in the front row.

It all started when the fire marshall removed 60 seats from the show's front rows, making Tesoro explain to a testy crowd why their assigned seats had been changed. One unlucky attendee was Ms. Eymere's mother and the publisher of Jalouse, Marie-Jose Susskind-Jalou. Eymere took exception to the way Tesoro was addressing her mom, and afterwards recalled the incident. "I said 'Don't speak to my mom like this ... Be careful. I am going to slap you.' And she kept doing it and it just happened."

And no, that's not where the ratchness ends. Eymere went on saying, "I am sorry, I know it's bad to do that. It was a small slap. It was not strong. I didn't hurt her, it was just to humiliate her. She humiliated my mom, and I humiliated her in front of her crew. Voilà. I just said at the end, 'Now you know you don't fuck with French people.'"