When: February 2011

Scandal broke in the spring of 2011 when allegations of John Galliano, the darling of the fashion world, making anti-Semitic surfaced and forced Dior to suspend the designer while investigation was underway. All doubt was removed when a clearly wasted Galliano was caught on video telling fellow café patrons, "I love Hitler. People like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers, would be fucking gassed and fucking dead."

More allegations came forth that Galliano had harassed an Asian and Jewish couple, saying to them, "Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead," and "Fucking Asian bastard, I will kill you." A third accuser came forward as well. The allegations led to Dior dismissing Galliano, and the designer's rapid fall from grace as he dealt with alcoholism and other substance abuse. Most of the fashion industry said "good riddance" to such despicable actions, but Galilano's influential inner circle continued to (quietly) support him for his work, and have seemingly brought about an eventual comeback for the reformed designer.