Sale season is the time when most stylish dudes cop the majority of their wardrobes for the oncoming seasons. Fall/winter merch is being pushed out the door to make way for spring, but winter is still very much alive, so now is the time to cop. Items reduced up to as much 80 percent off sure can entice even the most stringent spender, but are the sales really worth it?

All of us are guilty of purchasing a shirt that's too small (or too big), shoes we'll never wear, or a jacket that was out of style before it entered your closet. So, what is a style enthusiast on a strapped budget to do when all of the numerous online boutiques start offer fractional prices? Keep calm and make smart decisions. Take this advice or your wardrobe might be filled with poor decisions, impulse buys, and clothes that will end up on eBay. Here are The 10 Purchases to Avoid During Sale Season.

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