Read closely all Ikea-faithfuls and Bed, Bath & Beyond loyalists: I get it. These stores are criminally inexpensive, physically convenient and with plenty of gems for the purchasing. No one's judging you for your minimalist Ikea bookshelves or your poly-blend iPad sleeve. However, I'm here to shed light on a practically bottomless marketplace filled with minimalist bookshelves, iPad sleeves, and oh so much more: Etsy.

Not only will you find incredible vintage furniture from Danish designers, or structured vegetable-tanned leather iPad sleeves, but you can also find prints, letterpress stationary, vintage board games, cookie ingredients and more. Think of it as eBay, if eBay grew up with a pack of Brooklyn wolves who were really eco-conscious.

Click through to check out the 10 best finds on Etsy this week. Don't like what you see? I bet I can find stuff you will.