One of the worst things about student housing is the dysfunctional, ugly dorm furniture and general exterior and interior design. This problem is eliminated with a new student housing project at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Composed of two parallel rows of two-story structures joined by a central terrace area, the complex will soon become home to many architecture students in upcoming semesters.

Located adjacent to the Vallès Architecture School in Barcelona, the housing is not limited to architecture students only. Students will be able to introduce their own interior design into the empty spacesaside from kitchen and bathroom areasthey are assigned to live.

The project was completed by Spanish design studios H Arquitectes and dataAE, who incorporated a modular design into each of the 57 rooms. While the interior walls and ceilings were left in their default concrete state, in the future, modules can be added, removed, or moved in order to change the layout of the interior.

[via Dezeen]