Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh are an inimitable force within design. It only makes sense that they'd have an exhibition to celebrate their illustrious career as a duo so far, and what better space than the Jewish Museum? Titled Six Things, the show will feature "six things" from Sagmeister's diary that he believes will increase his personal happiness, including:

If I Don't Ask I Won't Get 
Keeping a Diary Supports Personal Development
Be More Flexible
It's Pretty Much Impossible to Please Everyone
Now Is Better
Feel Others Feel  

The duo has used sugar cubes, bubbles, and water balloons to spell out these phrases. The exhibition as a whole examines happiness from both an artistic and scientific perspective.

On Thursday, May 2 at 6:30 p.m., Stefan Sagmeister will give a talk about his recent projects and the exhibition. It opens March 15, 2013.