Fashion brands and retailers are trying their best to stay in the conversation by keeping up by way of social media. There are a few approaches that have been tested out including an Instagram fashion show by Sean John, livestreaming of events in Italy, or getting fans involved through twitter via hashtags. But, there are some dangers if not done correctly.

The team at Rebecca Minkoff found out the hard way when it decided to display a livestream of tweets on a large screen during its fall/winter 2013 show. Twitter fans were encouraged to follow and participate via hashtag #RMFall. But when you run an unfiltered stream, you usually get guests you didn’t want to invite in the first place. Pranksters known as “Weird Twitter” took advantage of the big screen and trolled the hashtag with diarrhea jokes, a pig shitting, and porn as attendees took their seats. Talk about democratization of fashion fail. Some of these are pretty hilarious. Peep the rest on Buzzfeed’s website.

[via Buzzfeed]