You've tried the body spray. You've tried the eau de toilette. You've tried all those so-called "manly" scents. But none of them work. None of them fit. Perhaps it's because they're complete crap. Or perhaps it's because you are not a man at all...

You are a wild animal.

That's where Old Spice's Wild Collection comes in. The Wild Collection is for those who are part man, part animal, and all male. A buck's gotta do what a buck's gotta do, and there won't be a doe around who can resist your mating call when you're bathed in the scent of Old Spice Wild.

But though you may be wild, you are not all the same. That's why the Old Spice Wild Collection can satisfy any "animality," from the Wolfthorn, a smooth scent for all you beasts of the night, to the Hawkridge, for all you smartypants college creatures.

One thing is for sure: Old Spice's Wild Collection is not for cubs. It is for full grown beasts; raw, dangerous, yet sophisticated. So, go on. It's calling you. Answer the smell of the wild.

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