Rabbit hunting is gonna be hot in the streets come next year. I guarantee it. First, dudes straight up started raising chickens in their backyards or in some weird alley space in Brooklyn. Now they've got eggs and they’re hooked on saving the planet, avoiding evil corporate chemicals and self-righteously telling their friends about how rewarding an agrarian lifestyle really is. So, the next logical step is hunting their own food. Wild, overpopulated game is, like, the of OG organic food. But hunting a deer is kind of hard and most of the dudes we're talking about are complete morons, so I'm thinking rabbits are on deck. There are tons of them and their hides can be turned into gloves and sold on Etsy. HOMEMADE, ORGANIC WILD RABBIT GLOVES. Plus, hello, real hunting means new gear. Instead of rocking blaze orange to make sure fellow hunters don’t confuse you for a three pound mammal with a tail and giant ears, throw a colorful pattern on your hunting parka instead. Naturally, Monitaly has the perfect parka for all your rabbit hunting needs. They call it a mountain parka and I'm not sure if there are actually any rabbits in the mountains, but shit seems highly suitable.