Shop coats are the new maneuver, son. Fuck a Macintosh. Fuck a trench. Fuck a cape or whatever the fuck else you wear as an outer-garment nowadays. It’s all about shop coats. Look at all those pockets you can stuff full of dirty Kleenexes, Metrocards with 37 cents left on them, ripped dollar bills and even a bunch nickels. YOU CAN ALWAYS CATCH RANDOM NICKELS IN MY POCKET, B. This particular shop coat is made by Head Porter, which means it’s expensive and more or less unavailable to you. TAKE THIS IN AS INSPIRATION. Buy a lab coat or some cheapo version and when you see even one other person on the Internet wearing one reblog that shit and add this caption: "I buy a shop coat, you buy a shop coat. INFLUENCING THE INFLUENCERS." Hashtag it with some expression of exasperation like “#smh” or even better, “#wywbm-what you wore because of me”.