Rap Game Mario Batali on whether Action Bronson has cooked for him:
Maaan, nah. We're gonna do an episode though where we're cookin' and shit.  When he orders at a restaurant I just let him go in there and do some shit. We've ordered food like 50,000 times. He eats a lot. What he'll do, when he go out he orders a whole bunch of shit and just taste-test everything. Like veal with duck sauce, and some random ass shit. You know who took me to a good restaurant? Skrillex did one time. We were with Diplo and we went to Red Berry or something. They have sauteed singed brussell sprouts and shit. He knew what to order, too.  

Rap Game Steve McQueen on his childhood style:
Growing up, I watched Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and seen how he dresses. And just like, from Martin and shit, when I was a kid like seven or eight years old I wanted to buy Girbauds with the stripes. Everybody had that. And like, yo if you had the new Girbauds, you were the shit. I remember this kid came to school with a Charlotte Hornets jersey on and some purple and turquoise striped Girbauds. That was the first day of school, and he was popular after that. I was like, damn I gotta get some Girbauds.

Rap Game Boy Meets World on developing his steez:
I used to see
Deion Sanders and shit and he was all flashy. When I see shit like that, even though I was like seven, eight years old and watched MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, I still remember that shit. So now that I'm starting to move and everything I'm gonna start asking Ben Baller to start designing necklaces for me. I just collect chains and jewelry and watches, you know? It's like the Fresh Prince 2.0, cause I'm comin' with the jewelry. So I'm like a mix of Deion Sanders and Will Smith. I'm a Neon Icon.


Maybe me and James Franco will switch positions and I'll be on Spring Breakers and he'll be doing meetings with magazines.


Rap Game Donut Sprinkles on Neon Icon:
It's the album, it's the clothing line. Album's out in June. It's the
Diplo album with WizKhalifa, Castle Rock, I just talked to MGK last night. He's gonna get on the album. I'll get Ben Baller on there talking shit. I just wanna get everyone cool involved with it. And with all this support, especially being my first album coming in, it's really lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

Rap Game Jodie Foster on his clothing line with Neff:
I got watches coming out, shirts, tank tops, the Jody glasses. Cause whenever I'm at a beach party people be asking for that shit. It is what it is. Most of it's all neon, crazy patterns, crazy designs, shorts, swim trunks. Got the Deion sandals coming out. This partnership's still in the beginning stages of the process, but once we start really getting into discussions it's gonna move. We're gonna fly out to the Cayman Islands, have Hawaiian BBQ's…

Rap Game Pablo Picasso on what to expect from Neon Icon clothes:
Every few months we're gonna drop new shit and get into the swing of things. A lot of it is neon crazy designs like how we do. People always thought I was already involved with it but it was always just a perfect match. I haven't seen a clothing company really like that. It's basically like they're making clothes for me anyway. So when I actually come into it and add a twist with my designs and my style, then there are just endless possibilities.

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