Just because Ovadia & Sons haven't decided to blow our collective minds with a proper New York Fashion Week show just yet, doesn't mean that Shimon and Ariel aren't very much at the center of our current American menswear renaissance. Since their debut, the brothers have been torchbearers for everything that's RIGHT in this little, but growing, world we all hold so dear. For Fall/Winter 2013 it's business as usual, simply crushing ever major product category you should care about if you're a dude who gets dressed. See, Ovadia & Sons nail EVERYTHING, which, and don't let the blanket praise fool you, is not an easy thing to do. Lots of brands out there do one thing right, maybe two. We can easily turn to Rich Racists & Co. for expertly manicured tailored clothing. For shoes, well, Hammers and Benches sets the bar. And when it comes to sportswear, you can probably catch us reblogging Marinara Industries. Anyway, you get my point—it makes way more sense to capitalize on one singular specialty then put out a smattering of mediocre shit. So, when you flip through the entirety of O&S F/W 13 and realize you want, no, NEED every single fucking piece, pay homage to the young gods before closing your browser. I'm not sure what we did to deserve this, but the best things in life never make much sense, do they?

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