Have you guys heard of this unknown brand, Maison Martin Margiela? They make a pretty fucking nice lambskin leather jacket. How many times have you heard leather described as "buttery"? FUCK THAT NOISE. Have you ever tried to spread butter on toast and it totally just rips a hole in your toast and now you gotta call an audible and fry an egg in that hole so as to not look like a complete breakfast degenerate? Yeah, leather doesn’t feel like butter. It feels like…really nice leather. I’m sure this thing is soft as fuck though. Do you guys remember that episode of MTV Cribs where Fat Joe compared his furs to a woman’s private parts? Yeah, we won’t ever make that kind of comparison because we aren’t 300 lb. rappers, but feel free to Youtube that clip if you’re curious. Can’t afford the $1,745 price tag? It’s cool, I have a Maison Martin Margiela 28 jacket for $17.99. You just have to come out to Detroit to pick it up.