Project has been the destination for men's style insiders, and now the tradeshow has added its newest portion, MVMNT. Kenny Mac has offered insight into his involvement with the tradeshow, and what we can expect from the streetwear-conscious segment of the men's show. Read the complete interview below, and learn more about how streetwear continues to drive the menswear industry.

Why did you decide to join the PROJECT team?

My role at PROJECT allows me to make a difference in an industry that means a lot to me. I am also able to help long time friends develop and drive their businesses, which is a passion of mine. Finally, working with Tom Florio, former Publisher of Vogue, and Tommy Fazio, former Creative Director of Bergdorf Goodman, allows me to continue to grow professionally.

What inspires you about the street/skate/urban culture?

I grew up in a time when this culture was still in early development. I've continued to see it evolve, and it's been incredibly inspiring to see young people from cities around the world rebel against fashion and do things their way. It's been very interesting to track their success and then, years later, to see their style influence main stream fashion and pop culture.

What does modern youth culture mean to you?

Modern youth culture is a melting pot that combines the many styles of today's young consumers. Skate, Urban, Streetwear--all of these genres have the same thing in common, which is a youth minded consumer that takes a bit of everything and creates his or her own individual style. I keep a creative space on Fairfax, where it is not uncommon to see someone wearing Balmain denim, Diamond Supply hat, Blvck Scvle crew neck, and a pair of Vans. This attitude, creativity and style is modern youth culture.

How was your experience working at LVMH?

I learned a lot about how a portfolio should work, how brands in the portfolio can work together while at the same time maintaining individuality. I had the opportunity to work with brands like 10 Cane and Belvedere, and was able to work on marketing initiatives that connected these brands with cool, influential consumers and partners. It was also rewarding to work with young talent and help them achieve their goals. For instance I hired a young creative kid, who wanted to be a director, to film an edit all of my events at both Belvedere and 10 Cane. I liked him cause he had his own style that made the videos more interesting than the typical recap video. After a year and a half of working together he told me he was going to launch his own online show called "Maestro Knows," which is now hugely successful. This is a large part of what I love about PROJECT MVMNT. Combining these established, luxury brands with the influence of new street culture was an amazing experience.

Tell us more about Street Hearts?

Although the consumer has always been there, there has never been a show for these brands to call home. They don't fit within a traditional show space, and they get lost in the male dominated streetwear shows. I wanted to launch something for the women in our space, a place where they could be showcased together in a strong, directional way. This is what Street Hearts is about. We are launching this February with four brands: Melody Ehsani, Love + Made, Coco and Breezy and Hellz Bellz/BOTB. The goal was to launch with a very select group of brands for women by women. There has already been so much excitement about this show; we're looking forward to it becoming a distinctive area of growth for Project MVMNT.

What’s next for you?

The goal is to continue to develop Project MVMNT to be a strong resource for this industry. The show is only the beginning. We will doing a lot more through out the course of the year for both our brands and retailers. Also as streewear and youth culture are present not only in the US, but worldwide, our presence will grow globally.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by the environment around me. I like to stay moving and experience new places to keep my environment fresh. This is why I still keep a creative space on Fairfax, a very modern, cutting-edge area that inspires me. I am also very inspired by the energy hustle and drive in others. I've seen friends in this industry go from being graphic designers to having successful footwear lines, or being assistants and now having high end streetwear lines that sell at The Webster. Their hustles build a fire in me.

Things you can’t live without?

My family. My lady Paula Miranda keeps me grounded and is always supportive and pushing me to be better. My teenage daughter Aires-Amor keeps me in the loop of everything new and hip, thus keeping daddy relevant. My two-year-old son Axel keeps me energized, as I am constantly running behind him as he discovers the world.

Must-have brands right now?

Carhartt Work In Progress, Public School, En Noir, and Brand Jordan 1's 3's and 4's to be exact.

Key brands that you will be displaying at PROJECT MVMNT?

Diamond Supply, En Noir, Stamp'd LA, Gourmet, Android Homme, 10 Deep, Hall of Fame, Crooks & Castles, Black Apple and Black Scale.