Let me paint a picture for you: About 6 months ago, on a very low key night on New York City's west side, J. Lindeberg debuted their S/S 13 collection to about 1/4 the usual amount of hanger-ons one would expect at a relatively big name NYFW presentation. For those of use there, we clutched our gratis Amstel Lights and marveled at how far JL had come in such a short amount of time. It all started in F/W 12, when seemingly out of nowhere, the Swedish menswear staple quietly flipped the entire script and re-imagined themselves as one of the best menswear brands in the world—an understandably heavy distinction we here at Four Pins were not afraid to champion from the start. Well, it's a whole year later and they're showing no signs of letting up. On the surface, F/W 13 is a noticeably smaller collection, but no less ridiculously on point, hitting some magical menswear sweet spot, blowing many a contemporary brand out of the fucking building. Just like a beautiful woman running late to catch a train, everything is perfectly out of place in just the slightest, eye-catching way. Sure, the cut is skinny and small, but that's just another reason for you to go on record as the first straight American male to ever openly suffer through a juice cleanse. And yes, we've gone ahead and included the women's looks as well because behind every great menswear fan fiction writer is an equally beautiful and imaginary lover.