LOLZ I love The Soloist as much as the next menswear blogger who's never been to Japan, even though I have totally been to Japan, but these belts are kinda like the most struggley item of all struggle accessories. A NYLON BELT, G? The Soloist makes some of the dopest grails out right now and you’re gonna spend Japan monies on a belt? At least get a crazy hat or a weird deconstructed and then reconstructed and then deconstructed (deredeconstucted?) jacket. If you need a cheap nylon belt just get one from REI or Pataguccinelli and you’ll even have money left over for a cool water bottle. Remember when everyone rocked Nalgene water bottles? Do people still do that? Don’t bring that non branded, non Nalgene water bottle into my Myths and Cultures of Ancient Mesopotamia weekly discussion unless you're BEGGING to get embarrassed in front of some girls with bangs.