Now interrupting our never ending NYFW coverage to talk about a pair of dusty ass, non-black, not really that cool, which makes it really cool, New Balances. Oh, you forgot about me? The deadbeat intern who curses too much and writes about product that’s too expensive for him to afford? Still here, and I purposely found something that wasn’t black, chic or anything having to do with fashion at all. Except kind of, but whatever. These 998’s are looking straight sweet, bruh. Like, 5 years ago who would have ever thought that someone < the age of 45 would ever say that about a pair of New Balances with a fucking ABZORB sole on them. Definitely not me, or anyone with any type of decent taste for that matter. You can grab these for $160. That’s not that expensive, right? I don’t know, I haven’t bought anything new in 5 months.