Any streetwear brand worth its weight has more than a couple beanies each season. Beanies were the cozy hat choice of East Coast skate culture and with good reason. Most skate missions have to be done late at night (when the temperature dips), but you don't want to layer up because it makes it hard to skate. Not only do beanies keep you warm, but they also function as a fresh sweatband. 

Pepe Martinez, Kerry Getz, Bobby Puleo, Tim O'Connor, Anthony Correa, and more were all known to rock a beanie. It's cool to see a functional garment become such a style icon, even if we're forced to see every douchebag celebrity wear a beanie with a slouch. But forget that. The beanie will forever be one of the freshest accessories someone can put on. Why? Because all these East Coast skaters made it that way.