When you think of the word "luxury," images of gold chains, high-end cars, and five-star hotels instantly pop into your head. More often than not, what it really means is that people are simply willing to pay more money in order to stunt on everyone else. When it comes to goods like T-shirts especially, what you're really dropping money on isn't high-quality cotton or superior construction—because you know, it's a fucking T-shirt—rather, you're showing everyone else that you got it like that.

Givenchy was just the beginning. While hip-hop culture has always propagated flagrant consumption as style superiority, the house Riccardo Tisci built isn't the only high-end fashion house going the tried-and-true streetwear route. From smaller labels aping recognizable designers, high-fashion houses channeling all-over prints, and underground skate brands you aren't cool enough to know yet,  here's what's Hot In The Streets: The Best Luxury Graphic Tees Right Now.