Hamburger Eyes is a magazine and imprint putting out good old fashioned zines. Remember zines? Maybe not. If, instead, you cling to things like shitty punk, New York in the ‘80s and pretending that you actually liked My So Called Life you need to GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. These joints feature Ray Potes, Alex Martinez and Faythe Levine and past publications have featured Michael Jang and Ted Pushinksy. Random photographer shout outs like that are how you impress snobs. Also, always say you’ve heard of a photographer when someone asks you at a party. Just say you love his use of light and "how it’s almost like he creates light from his use of shadow, you know?" BOOM. Then follow up real fast with, “Do you like Ray Potes or Michael Jang? You should check them out, I have a few collections at my place.” All the girls that look like sadder versions of horrible American Apparel ads will fall for you faster than you can say, "Kodachrome."