To be completely honest, all-over AK-47s print may seem decidedly off-brand (Rogue Status?), off-trend and, according to some, decidedly in poor taste, but there’s something about this McNairy x Heather Grey Wall sweatshirt and hat that I really like. Fuck social mores and fuck good taste. My favorite BAPE print was that all-over cigarettes and pagers print they did. I still want that in some bemberg silk to line a suit with. DON'T STEAL MY IDEA. I’m basically using Four Pins to put good ideas slash cool items on wax only to claim my influencer status later on when people like the same shit. YOU SAW THAT EXTREMELY POPULAR BRAND ON FOUR PINS? YOU'RE WEARING IT NOW? YOU'RE STUNTING IN MIDDLE AMERICA? FEEL THE CONCENTRIC RIPPLES OF MY INFLUENCE.