It's ironic how quickly a dichotomy formed in the world of #menswear. Just a year ago the term was typically associated with the suited and booted crowd, but fast forward to today and everything's been turned on its fucking head. Dudes are now riding extremely casual waves and sweatpants, once considered a capital offense punishable by death, or worse, an unfollow on social media, have now not-so-slowly-crept-as-much-as-sprinted to the forefront. Of course, since we're all still snobs, not any slouchy pair of sweats will do—there are rules to this shit. Rule numero uno? They gots to be tailored. Thankfully we've got these fresh new Ovadia and Sons-designed J.Press York Street sweats. These are by far the sharpest sweats in the game thanks to a higher rise, tapered leg, a buttoned back pocket for your wallet and some fat ass ribbing. These ain't your college sweat pants homie. Cop now in ecru and navy.