ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, HICKOREES? I mean, a fucking "western" style shirt made of hemp in Japan circa the early to mid-20th Century? This thing has shell buttons and metal clasp closures on the cuffs. You will straight murder your friends with this shirt. “Oh, your shirt is made in Japan? Cute, so was mine. IN THE 1900s!” THIS SHIT IS, LIKE, F. SCOTT FITZGERALD OLD. Plus, it just looks cool. Although you’ll probably murder your girl when she wears it as a "sleep" shirt. WHEN WILL SHE UNDERSTAND SHE SHOULD JUST SLEEP NAKED WHEN SHE'S AT YOUR PLACE? IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED. At the very least, she needs to know that a one of a kind shirt like this is not for sleeping. It’s for equal parts flexing on and embarrassing your friends outside the bar while two of them smoke and the rest of you wait for them to finish.